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Host A Beach Party In Your Back Yard To Celebrate Your Upcoming Retirement And The Beginning Of Summer

If you are the CEO of a large business and would like to host a beach party in your back yard to celebrate your upcoming retirement and the beginning of summer, the following tips will assist with keeping you and your guests entertained while providing everyone with the aura of carefree days that are often enjoyed while relaxing by the sea.

Add A Makeshift Beach And Cabana

Select the portion of your back yard where you would like to hold the beach party. Lay a vinyl tarp across the ground. Pour bags of sand on top of the tarp and spread the sand out. Set up a volleyball net on one section of the sand-covered tarp. Place beach balls and seashells in parts of the sand.

Purchase or rent a waterproof cabana and erect it on one corner of the tarp. Arrange lounge chairs and a patio set underneath the cabana. Guests can place towels on the sand to lay on if they would like to enjoy the sunshine while watching others compete in volleyball matches. Others can seek shade under the cabana as they spend time speaking with others. 

Hire An Impersonator Who Sings Beach Music

Contact an entertainment business or talent agency to inquire about hiring an impersonator who sings beach music. Choose an entertainer that resembles and sounds like one of your favorite beach singers or opt to hire several entertainers to provide you and your guests with a diverse selection of music to enjoy. An impersonator can be hired for a specific block of time and can accommodate you by singing a specific list of songs that you choose prior to the event.

Create a makeshift stage for the 'guest/guests of honor' to stand on while performing. Wooden boards or pallets will provide plenty of space for them to move around as they are belting out some beach-themed tunes. You and your guests can sing along or dance as each song is played and may get more into the summer spirit while doing so. Entertainers like The Edwards Twins can help you plan your event's entertainment.

Provide Seaside Cuisine And Beverages 

Place a small tiki bar on the tarp and set up a long table next to it. Purchase shrimp, scallops, lobster, and other seafood delicacies from a seafood market and arrange the items on trays before placing them on the table. Set paper plates and plastic utensils on the table for guests to use. Prepare pitchers of lemonade, smoothies, or cocktails for everyone to indulge in throughout the party. Place the pitchers on the cabana's counter, along with a stack of cups and a bucket of ice.

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