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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Voice Actor Or Talent

Advances in audio equipment and the Internet have expanded the field for commercial voice actors. Whether you are looking for an actor to voice your book, commercial, or another project, you might have to wade through dozens of actors before finding the one who is right for you. To help you quickly decide, here are some questions to consider before hiring commercial voice actors:

Do You Need a Voice Actor or Voice Talent?

A voice actor and voice talent might sound as if they offer the same services, but there is a difference between the two. Knowing the difference can have a bearing on the project you are hiring for.

A voice actor typically works in animation and projects in which someone with an acting background is needed. For instance, he or she would work well for book narrations. By contrast, a voice talent usually does not have acting experience and is more suited for tamer projects, such as commercials.

You can narrow your selections by advertising for the person who is most suited for your project. It is important to note that there are some actors who advertise to work on a range of projects. Ask for a demo to accurately judge whether an actor can fit your needs.

What Are Your Post-Production Needs?

Before you start your search for a voice actor, you need to write a list of your post-production needs so that you can eliminate any actors who are unable to fulfill those needs. You need to be clear in your expectations and communicate those to any actors that you interview for your project.

There are several post-production needs that can come with voice acting. For instance, it is not uncommon to ask a voice actor to edit audio before it is provided to the project manager. Even if the actor's reading of the material is what you wanted, problems could occur if he or she cannot complete the post-production requirements.

Failing to ensure the voice actor can fulfill your post-production needs could result in delays to your project. Worse yet, it could result in poor audio quality that results in the need to hire another actor to provide the product.

To guarantee that you find a voice actor or talent that is right for your project, consider working with a commercial voice actor service. The service can help determine your needs and match you with actors who can help with your project.   

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